Cooling capacity ranges from 300W to 5000W, with two different mounting ways for your choice to meet your different needs.
Wall mounted model
Embedded mounted  model

Wall mounted model

Embedded mounted


DVT electric enclosure air conditioner's safe operating ambient temperature is from 5℃ to 55℃, with temperature control precision +/-2℃. If you need an operating temperature beyond our standard ranges, DVT is capable of creating a custom made solution to satisfy your specific requirements.


Independent inner and outer air circulations to prevent dusts, oil or water mists ingress into the enclosure and damage the electronic components.


Heat exchangers with hydrophilic membranes. These heat exchangers reduce air resistance, energy consumption, and minimize performance decreases due to the condensations forming on the radiator fins. Also, it will help extend the maintenance period.


Compressors and fan motors are selected from well knoown international brand suppliers. They feature low noise, high efficiency and long durability which ensure the unit's long and stable operation.


An online upgrade slot is located in the PCB of controller. Programs can be modified easily on site when necessary to satisfy your individual needs. It eliminates the need of taking the air conditioner off the enclosure.


High quality galvanized housing with a thick powder coating. An optional stainless steel housing is available for operating environments that require erosion and rust protections.


Optional coating colors to match different enclosures.


The core of DVT electrical enclosure air conditioner is the intelligent cooling controller which is independently designed and developed by the DVT R&D team. DVT is dedicated putting achieving superior cooling performance as our priority, as well as creating maximum efficiency and the most reliable operating performance for you.

DVT intelligent cooling controller makes use of a microcomputer chip to monitor and control the cooling process. The chip will automatically detect the mean temperature inside the enclosure. When the mean temperature reaches the set temperature, the cooling mode will then shift to the ventilating mode in order to reduce your operating costs.


Start up delay protection will help protect the compressor from damages caused by starting and stopping the unit frequently.



Two LED window displays monitor key operating parameters 24/7 including enclosure temperature, set temperature and ambient temperature. It will not only prevent misadjusting temperatures, but also facilitate monitoring the unit's operating conditions.


DVT electric enclosure air conditioner is equipped with alarms to provide an immediate notification of  power supply failure, high/low pressure protection, compressor overload and temperature sensors failures etc. When failure occurs, the unit will automatically stop operating to help prevent incidents or damages to enclosures. Also it will facilitate the daily maintenance.


Easy mounting. Assembling can be finished by one trained staff within a few minutes. Complete wiring ready for connection.





Lowest MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) due to the accessibility of the parts inside the unit. This allows for maintenance to be performed without removing the air conditioner from your enclosure.


DVT's after sales service philosophy is to help you solve problems within minimum time. Thanks to our swift responses time, friendly attitudes and timely after sales services, your TCO will be reduced and your ROI will be increased drastically.